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February 2018 | eNews

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Let the Games Begin!

The Olympics are a time for individuals and teams to come together in the spirit of good sportsmanship to carry the torch, break records, and end each day in celebration of hard-fought victories at the medal ceremonies.

In light of the recent Winter Olympics, we are sharing the great work of our partners at Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. Proud recipients of an Active Lifestyles grant from the Flutie Foundation, they are helping to carry the torch and keep its flame burning no matter what the weather may be. On days when the trails are freshly powdered, participants can be found skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. In less wintery conditions, they enjoy indoor rock climbing, baseball, and tennis. Their CORE Connections program enables participants of all abilities to connect their whole body health with mindfulness and lifestyle changes through four principles:

  • Communicating with our bodies and with others around us.
  • Overcoming our fears, doubts, and low self-esteem.
  • Relating to ourselves and others to enjoy a positive human experience
  • Empowering ourselves to understand our unique self-worth and ability.

Here at the Flutie Foundation, we are so proud to be on the same team as Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sport, vying together to help individuals and families live life to the fullest!

WATCH one of Vermont Adaptive's dedicated interns explain how she teaches skiing without words or speech to a non-verbal skier.

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